Dear Soberโ€ฆ

Over the last decade, I have been asked a LOT of questions about sobriety. You might have some of your own. Some questions are about specific situations, some general. Some are about moderation, quitting completely, how to know when to quit, why quit and what to do to help a loved one. You ask, I answer. You can email me with your questions. Your anonymity is important to me and will not be compromised. SO, please ask freely.
Grace and Peace,


Dear Sober,

I work in an office that revolves around alcohol. The incentives, the celebrations, the milestones, the holidays. UGH.
I love my job but I feel awkward at functions.


Dear Sober,

I have been told by my sponsor to write down how I am feeling each day.

I am afraid to. I am afraid of people seeing it. I also donโ€™t get how this is going to help me.


dear sober,

I recently moved to a new province and am trying to find my way.

I love yoga and found a super cute studio near my flat. I have been meeting some new people and trying to find my way.