Blaming, Shaming and Condoning… OH MY!

For nearly 25 years, I played golf competitively. I loved (and still do) all aspects of the game. The discipline, the smell of the grass, the camaraderie, the competition, the friendships, the beauty of each course.

Watching golf was a family affair. The US Open, The Masters and The Open Championship were tournaments that we watched ALL the coverage… and then the analysis of the coverage.

I had my favorite players over the years; Fred Couples, John Cook, Sergio Garcia, Bob Tway, Seve and Ben. I pulled for the “old guards” and the up and coming rookies.

Dear Fitness Professional...

Dear Fitness Professional, STOP with the booze and exercise!

There is a movement, a trend, a normalization that I am seeing. I am seeing it in my social media feeds and within the fitness industry for which I participate and work in. It’s dangerous, irresponsible and just wrong.

Health and wellness is a billion dollar industry. People spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year attending classes and buying memberships to studios and gyms. Teachers and coaches spend equal amounts on certifications and workshops. The CDC has expressed how important food and movement are for overall good health and Wellness Advocates shout from their soapboxes how farm medicine is far better than pharmaceuticals.

Surviving the Holidays in 6-ish Steps.

The Holiday Season is upon us and for many, it’s a joyous time with family, friends, parties and celebration. For others, it can be overwhelming, stressful and can cause situational anxiety and depression. And more than likely, everyone is going to experience a little bit of it all.
Expectation, grandeur, having too much (sugar), having too little (money), saying “yes” to one too many things, family discord, planning, cleaning, cooking, wrapping… it ALL can get to be a little too much.
So, BEFORE the train gets TOO far out of the station, here are 6-ish tips to navigate your personal sanity for the next 60 days {and perhaps, beyond}.