The Secrets to Finding Connection

I recently finished my 200RYT.  I spent 6 months with 21 amazing people.  This certification is the first of its kind; Life Coaching + Restorative Yoga.  That being said, the bond, the connection that was created during the six months was significant.  In order for us to better serve others, to help others heal, we had to heal ourselves.  You can’t give away what you don’t have…

As we gathered around for dinner that last evening, we all had a giggle about how little we knew about each other’s “minutia”.  Our souls are forever bonded and that, in and of itself, is powerful and enough.  But the mind started to ask “What does your husband do for a living?”  “Where did you go to college?”  “Do you own anything other than yoga pants?”… (wink. wink.)  And then we continued to laugh about how all of that doesn’t matter.  That what we know is plenty and full and lovely.  That Soulful Connection is so powerful. More powerful than minutia.

Perhaps you have had that “feeling” before.  You meet someone and immediately feel connected, without “KNOWING” them.  Or you meet someone and you immediately know that you DON’T want to know them, something is off and doesn’t “feel right”.

We have connections with people, places and things.  With our kids, our partners, our siblings, our parents, our friends.  We have connection with ourselves and our emotions (or not).  We have connections with things that don’t serve us, that actually create disconnection; food, booze, shopping, social media, being “busy”.  These “connections” are buffers from things we don’t want to feel, see or know.

Some connections are profound and defy words and some are deeply crushing.

For this week, be curious about these four things:

1.  Your body.  Are you connected to it?  Can you feel your heart open? (like when you see a really cute puppy) or feel it close? (when you see someone that has hurt you or scares you.)

2.  What do you “do” when you have strong “connected” or “disconnected” emotions?  Can you sit with your sadness, joy, anger or do you disconnect by overeating, shopping, watching tv, adding to your already busy calendar or drinking?

3.  If you want to have and show empathy, receive and give love, and want to be SEEN and be a witness to others, to have CONNECTION…  we have to be vulnerable, we have to feel, we have to remove the mask.

4.  You have the inalienable right to choose your friends, your intimate relationships, your connections.  You have the right to make changes when those relationships are hurtful or toxic, regardless of proximity.  You don’t have to remain connected to someone or something just because that is the way you have done it in the past OR you were taught “that you should”, OR that “it’s for the best” OR that is “what we do”.

You are a beautiful Soul.  You are enough.  You are powerful.  Be Connected.